Roms For PC Engine CD/Turbo Duo/TurboGrafx-CD

ROM Name Summary
2020 Super Baseball Taking the sport of baseball to the future, 2020 Super Baseball plays with a variety of new rules and abilities with teams composed of both cybernetically-enhanced humans and robotic machines.
3 Count Bout / Fire Suplex Fight through the championship as one of ten fictional wrestlers, both on and off the ring, in SNK's sole professional wrestling game.
Aero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 2 Take control of one of eight unique (and sometimes bizarre) pilots and traverse the world in the first Neo Geo sequel to Video System's signature shoot 'em up series.
Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3 When enemy forces wipe out the jets of the Aero Fighters, they must scramble using heavily-modified World War II warplanes in the third installment of the comical Aero Fighters series.
Aggressors of Dark Kombat / GanGan A maze-action game published by Magifact and developed by Team Mental Care.
Alpha Mission II / ASO II: Last Guardian The Last Guardian is the long-delayed third game from Sony's Team Ico. Originally revealed in trailer form at E3 2009, the game was met with substantial delays but was reintroduced at E3 2015.
Andro Dunos A standard side-scrolling space shooter developed by Visco for Neo Geo hardware.
Art of Fighting SNK's second foray into the fighting game genre, known for its dedicated linear story, camera zooming effect (allowing for large character sprites in close-range combat), and the introduction of a gauge that depletes when certain moves are used.
Art of Fighting 2 The direct sequel to the original Art of Fighting, adding a more traditional single-player mode (where any character can be chosen) and an improved character roster.
Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior The final installment of SNK's Art of Fighting series brings a fresh new take to the series, streamlining the gameplay mechanics while adding cleaner sprites, smoother animation, and a brand new roster of challengers.
Bakatono's Mahjong Mahjong Solitaire game.
Bang Bead Bang Bead is a pong-esq arcade game released in 2000 by Visco Corp. It was released for the SNK Neo-Geo MVS hardware chip set. It is the sequel to 1998's Battle Flip Shot.
Baseball Stars 2 Sequel to Baseball Stars Professional, which was a sequel to Baseball Stars for the NES. This game is the third in the series.
Baseball Stars Professional One of the few launch titles for the Neo Geo, Baseball Stars Professional is the second game in SNK's series of baseball games.
Battle Flip Shot Battle Flip Shot is an arcade game that mixes elements of Pong with Japanese character design.