Roms For SNES


ROM Name Summary
Aero the Acro-Bat 2 A Super Nintendo sequel featuring SunSoft's daredevil rodent in another high-flying adventure.
Aerobiz Business simulation game from Koei released for the SNES and Genesis. Known in Japan as "Air Management: Oozora ni Kakeru", which was also released for the Sharp X68000.
Aerobiz Supersonic A turn-based management simulation game in which the player owns an airline business. It is the sequel to Aerobiz, and features near-future scenarios involving supersonic flight.
AIII S.V. - A Ressha de Gyoukou 3 Super Version Lates entry in the A-Train series.
Air Cavalry Air Cavalry is a helicopter action game for the SNES.
Akazukin Cha Cha A Super Famicom RPG based on the anime of the same name.
Al Unser Jr's Road to the Top A SNES racing game released in 1994. It features multiple vehicle types, and utilized the Super Nintendo's Mode 7 technology.
Aladdin A compilation of various incarnations of the 8 and 16-bit Aladdin and Lion King games.
Albert Odyssey A strategy RPG for the Super Famicom centered around the town of Guoto, and a war over the powerful and mysterious Key of Resurrection.
Albert Odyssey 2 - Jashin no Taidou Japan-only sequel to Albert Odyssey for the Super Famicom. A young warrior, Dean, follows in Albert's footsteps when an evil god threatens to resurface.
Alcahest A top-down action RPG developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Square. The protagonist, Alen, must seek the help of the elemental Guardians to stop the resurrection of the demon lord Alcahest.
Alice no Paint Adventure An adventure game using the Super Famicom Mouse. There are two modes: story, and paint.
Alien 3 An action game from Acclaim based on the 1992 David Fincher movie. The player assumes the role of Ripley as she explores the prison planet of Fury 161.
Alien vs. Predator One of the few big name games for the Jaguar platform. Play as an Alien, Predator, or Colonial Marine in standard first-person-shooter gameplay with a strategic twist.
All-American Championship Football A Sports Illustrated themed game featuring isometric football with playcalling and a traditional baseball simulation.