ROMs for Accele Brid on SNES


Accele Brid is a behind-the-back shooter starring three large robots, released only in Japan for the SNES in 1993.


Accele Brid is a mech shoot 'em up of the "tube shooter" variant released for the Super Famicom on November 26, 1993 by Tomy, exclusively in Japan. Players can choose one of three large robots, and then control it as it flies down a large pipe, shooting, kicking, and punching enemies and maneuvering around the pipe's twists and turns as the stage progresses.

An unofficial English translation patch was released by Aeon Genesis on May 28th, 2002.

Playable Characters

  • Height - 2.62 m
  • Weight - 0.99 t
  • Max Speed - 192.6 km
  • Height - 2.20 m
  • Weight - 2.05 t
  • Max Speed - 166.6 km
Silver Mare
Silver Mare
  • Height - 2.51 m
  • Weight - 1.08 t
  • Max Speed - 171.1 km

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