ROMs for ABC Monday Night Football on SNES


A football game based on the long-running TV show of the same name. The game lacked any NFL licensing, so the team names are all fictitious.


ABC Monday Night Football is a professional football game from Data East. The game uses a vertical perspective of the field, placing the goals on the far and near sides of the screen. The SNES version used Mode 7 to display a sense of depth, but the original versions would simply scroll the screen as the ball moved up or down the field. The game is licensed by ABC to use its namesake program, but not by the NFL or NFLPA; subsequently, all the teams have fake names.

The game was originally released for home computers, appearing on the Amiga, PC and Commodore 64. A SNES port developed by Kuusou Kagaku came a few years later with some graphical enhancements.

The game was followed by ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing, another sports game licensed by ABC and produced by Data East.

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