ROMs for 90 Minutes - European Prime Goal on SNES


A Namco-developed soccer game for the SNES. Originally called Prime Goal 3, this was the first in the series to be localized for Europe.


J-League Soccer: Prime Goal 3 is a J-League themed soccer game from Namco and the third and last of their Prime Goal series to be released for the Super Famicom. It features all fourteen teams of the 1995 season of J-League, with the real names and logos.

The game was the first in the series to be released in Europe, as 90 Minutes: European Prime Goal. This version switches out the fourteen teams of the J-League with fourteen European international sides. The graphics have been adjusted to replace all the Japanese players with players of various ethnicities, but the games are otherwise the same.

The game features numerous modes, including an exhibition mode for two players or one player and the CPU, a tournament mode, a mode where the player can train their own player and have them recruited into one of the teams, a league mode, an all-stars mode which takes the best players from the fourteen teams to create two all-star teams (this can also be played as two-player or single-player) and a cup championship mode.

90 Minutes: European Prime Goal features the following international teams: Norway, Romania, Scotland, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Holland (the Netherlands), Bulgaria, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, England, France, Wales and Spain.

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