ROMs for 3x3 Eyes - Juuma Houkan on SNES


A side-scrolling action, adventure game for the Super Famicom based on the long-running manga 3x3 Eyes.


3x3 Eyes: Juuma Houkan ("3x3 Eyes: Respectful Restoration of the Magic Beast") is a side-scrolling action game with graphic adventure elements based on the manga 3x3 Eyes. The player, as Yakumo, helps his companion Pai, a legendary magical creature who resurrected Yakumo as her immortal undead servant to spare his life, to become a human. In doing so, his mortality will also return.

The game balances adventure areas and action areas. When in an adventure area, Yakumo investigates the environment and speaks to NPCs for hints on where to go next. When in action zones, the player can run, jump or climb over obstacles and fight hostile demons.

Juuma Houkan is the second Super Famicom game to be based on 3x3 Eyes, after 1992's 3x3 Eyes: Seima Kourinden, and the sixth adaptation overall.

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