ROMs for Great Volleyball on Sega Master System


Great Volleyball is a volleyball simulator from Sega as part of their "Great" series of sports titles for the Sega Master System.


The fifth of the Great series of sports titles, Great Volleyball recreates the sport of the same name.


The game is depicted from a side-view, with player one as the team on the left and the other player (or CPU team) on the right. The match plays out like any game of volleyball: One team serves, the other team has the maximum of two touches on the ball to send it back over the net and play continues until the ball touches the ground, scoring either side a point depending on where it lands.

The player can choose between eight national teams: USA, Japan, USSR, China, (South) Korea, Brazil, Cuba and France. Each are functionally identical save the color of the uniforms. The player is also able to assign stat points to the various skills required in volleyball, such as serving and spiking the ball; this allows them to focus on their strengths and customize their experience somewhat. The player can also choose between a Goodwill Match (basically an exhibition) mode, the more serious Tournament mode and a Practice mode for getting to grips with the system.

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