ROMs for Great Soccer on Sega Master System


Named World Soccer elsewhere, Great Soccer is part of Sega's series of Great sports games for the Sega Master System. It is a sequel of the first Great Soccer.


World Soccer, known in the US as Great Soccer, is the sequel to the original Great Soccer for the Sega Master System and is part of Sega's Great series of sports games. Because the original did not receive a US release, it was renamed Great Soccer in the US in to fit in with the other Great games.

The first Great Soccer depicted the pitch vertically, with the goals at the north and south. This sequel changes it to a horizontal plane with the goals at the east and west. It also allows players to select international teams and is generally better looking than its antecedent.

The game was rereleased in Japan as Sports Pad Soccer in 1988, which allowed players to use the Sports Pad peripheral available for the Sega Master System. The peripheral could also be used with Great Ice Hockey and Sports Pad Football, a similarly enhanced rerelease of Great Football.

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