ROMs for Great Golf on Sega Master System


Released in Japan as Masters Golf, this is the sequel to the original (Japan-only) Great Golf for the Sega Master System. It was then localized as Great Golf outside Japan.


The second game in Sega's Golf series for the Sega Master System. While the first game was called Great Golf, as part of the "Great" series of sports titles from Sega, it was never localized outside of Japan. When this game - Masters Golf - was released, with its new features and graphical upgrade, it became the version that would be localized as part of the Great sports series in the West. As such, there exists both a "Japanese" Great Golf (the first) and an "International" Great Golf (the second, this game).


The game plays very differently from its predecessor, scrapping that game's odd isometric look and settling with an increasingly popular "behind the golfer" perspective that persists with the modern golf simulators of today. The view will actually fill in based on the nearby topography before each shot is taken, and the player can even get a feel for the slope of the green when it comes time to putt the ball.

Other than the different perspective, it plays much like its predecessor: The player chooses a club, chooses a direction, stops a rising and falling gauge at the desired level of power and continues from wherever the ball lands, provided it didn't fall out of bounds or into a water hazard.

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