ROMs for Alex Kidd BMX Trial on Sega Master System


Released only in Japan and requiring use of a special paddle-based controller that is bundled with the game, BMX Trial has the titular Alex Kidd biking down a lengthy obstacle course through multiple lands.


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BMX Trial: Alex Kidd is a top-down BMX racing game developed and published by Sega for the Sega Mark III exclusively in Japan on November 15, 1987. It was released with the Paddle Control peripheral bundled in.

One of the four official games requiring the Paddle Control peripheral (the others being Galactic Protector, Megumi Rescue, and Woody Pop), BMX Trial has players controlling the titular Sega hero Alex Kidd as he makes his way downhill through an obstacle course (filled with obstacles, other riders, jumps and dangerous waterways) while collecting power-ups (which are spawned by performing wheelies).

Along the way, he encounters numerous exits scattered throughout the course, which warps him to one of four additional stages. There are five stages in total: Black Forest (the starting stage), Cactus Desert, South Seas, Pyramid River, and Radaxian. Some stages are unique as it takes place on water (with Alex taking control of a waterbike), replacing the waterway hazard with whirlpools. To complete the game, players have to lead Alex to a specific castle entrance in Radaxian before he runs out of energy.

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