Roms For Sega Saturn


ROM Name Summary
3D Baseball (Saturn) A digital exclusive Baseball game on the 3DS.
Albert Odyssey (Saturn) A strategy RPG for the Super Famicom centered around the town of Guoto, and a war over the powerful and mysterious Key of Resurrection.
Alien Trilogy (Saturn) A collection of the three downloadable Alien Breed games originally distributed via XBLM and PSN. Collected on one disk for retail sale.
All Star Baseball '97 Featuring Frank Thomas (Saturn) All Star 97 features the "Big Hurt" Frank Thomas and for the first time includes the new franchises the Marlins and the Diamondbacks.
Alone in the Dark One-Eyed Jack's Revenge (Saturn) Developed by Pure FPS, this is a new entry in the long running Alone in the Dark series published by Atari.
AMOK (Saturn) A mech game developed by Lemon and released for the Saturn and PC
Andretti Racing (Saturn) Andretti Racing is the product of a collaborative effort between the three Andretti's, Mario, Michael and Jeff and Stormfront Studios.
Arcade's Greatest Hits The Atari Collection 1 (Saturn) A collection of six Atari Arcade games, rereleased for consoles.
Arcade's Greatest Hits, Williams (Saturn) Another game in Ubisoft's successful dancing franchise.
Area 51 (Saturn) Area 51 for the Xbox, Playstation 2, and PC takes place in top secret base, Area 51 where you and your team were on a recon mission. All goes wrong and you end up on your own; left to venture further to escape, and uncover the truth behind it all.
Astal (Saturn) This rare game flexes the Saturn's 2D muscle in a time where the industry was focusing more on 3D graphics.
Baku Baku Animal (Saturn) Japan-exclusive action platformer released by Namco Bandai Games on June 14, 2012.
Bases Loaded '96 Double Header (Saturn) It's a baseball simulation for the Sega Saturn and PS1
Batman Forever The Arcade Game (Saturn) Based on the 1995 superhero film of the same name, this arcade rendition is a traditional beat-'em-up with crazy power-ups and the ability to create insane combos.
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix (Saturn) A port of Battle Arena Toshinden on the Playstation. This new version of the game features new content, including an exclusive character: Cupido, as well as a story mode.