Roms For Sony Playstation 2


ROM Name Summary
.hack G.U. Vol.1 Rebirth Follow Haseo the adept rogue in his endeavour to save his friend Shino from a coma and learn the secrets behind "The World."
.hack G.U. Vol.2 Reminisce The second entry in the .hack//G.U. series. Follow Haseo in his search for answers and a cure for doll syndrome.
.hack G.U. Vol.3 Redemption .hack//G.U. Vol. 3: Redemption is the third and final entry in the .hack//G.U. series.
.hack Part 1 Infection .hack//INFECTION is a pseudo online RPG, with a strange game-within-a-game premise.
.hack Part 2 Mutation .hack//Mutation continues the story of Kite trying to solve the mystery of his friend's coma through the fake MMO, The World. It is the second game in the .hack franchise.
.hack Part 3 Outbreak .hack//OUTBREAK is a role-playing game that simulates being an MMORPG. It is the third game in the .hack series.
.hack Part 4 Quarantine .hack//QUARANTINE is a role-playing game that simulates being an MMORPG. It is the fourth game in the .hack series, and is the conclusion to this part of the storyline.
007 - Agent Under Fire Agent Under Fire is a game released by EA under the James Bond license. It was the first James Bond game released for the then new generation of consoles.
007 - Everything or Nothing 007: Everything or Nothing is a 3rd-person action game from Electronic Arts in the James Bond franchise. The game features Pierce Brosnan's likeness and voice as Bond, Willem Dafoe as the chief antagonist and other notable actors as new and recurring characters in an original movie-style adventure.
007 - From Russia with Love Return to James Bond's roots in the video game interpretation of the 1963 film From Russia With Love, featuring the likeness and voice acting of Sean Connery.
007 - Nightfire A James Bond first-person shooter from Eurocom.
007 - Quantum of Solace Quantum of Solace is a first-person/third-person shooter based on the James Bond films Casino Royale and its sequel, Quantum of Solace.
18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker An arcade semi-truck racing game, 18 Wheeler's success brought console ports and an eventual spiritual successor.
187 Ride or Die 187 Ride Or Die is a racing game for the Xbox and Playstation 2 that was published and developed by Ubisoft. It was released in North America on the 23rd of August 2005. The game was released three days after that in Europe.
24 - The Game 24: The Game is a third-person shooter for the PlayStation 2 based on the hit television series 24, as Jack Bauer and the rest of the Counter Terrorist Unit try to foil terrorist attacks in Los Angeles.