Roms For Sony Playstation 1


ROM Name Summary
A-Train [SLUS-00003] Based on the 3DS game A-Train 3D: City Simulator, A-Train PC Classic is a new version of the game, part of a long-running series going back to 1985.
Ace Combat 2 Military Rebels have seized control of Unified Forces sector NA-P2700. Unified Forces has formed a tactical strike force, code named: Scarface.
Ace Combat 3 - Electrosphere [SLUS-00972] The third installment in the Ace Combat flight simulator series which would become the standard for future Ace Combat games.
Aces of the Air [SLUS-01470] Aces of the Air is a plane combat sim for PlayStation.
Action Bass [SLUS-01248] The pulse-pounding white knuckle action of Bass Fishing is here!
Action Man - Operation Extreme [SLUS-00887] Action Man: Operation Extreme (known as Action Man: Mission Xtreme in Europe) is an Action Man-themed game featuring both driving levels and third-person shooter levels.
Activision Classics [SLUS-00777] The Activision Decathlon (2013)
Adidas Power Soccer '98 [SLUS-00547] The 1998 version of Psygnosis' soccer series.
Adidas Power Soccer [SCUS-94502] The 1998 version of Psygnosis' soccer series.
Adventure of Phix [SLUS-01523]
Adventures of Lomax [SCUS-94906] Players control Lomax the Lemming as his attempts to rescue his friends and stop Evil Ed.
Agile Warrior F-111X [SLUS-00023]
Air Combat [SLUS-00001] Air Combat - Above & Beyond is a sci-fi air combat game for iPhone released in 2009.
Air Hockey [SLUS-01467] Touch-operated air hockey game for iOS. Both Apple Game Center and OpenFeint enabled.
Akuji - The Heartless [SLUS-00715] A third person action game developed by Crystal Dynamics and released on the Sony Playstation in December 1998.