Roms For Mattel Intellivision

ROM Name Summary
4-TRIS (2000-01) (Joseph Zbiciak) Tris is a free game for the iPhone that is very similar to Tetris.
ABPA Backgammon (1978) (Mattel)
Advanced D&D - Treasure of Tarmin (1981-82) (Mattel) Adaptation of the Lords of Waterdeep board game made for iPad and PC.
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1982) (Mattel) A retro style action game.
Air Strike (1982) (Mattel) A retro style action game.
All-Star Major League Baseball (1983) (Mattel) The next installment of 2K's baseball sim.
Armor Battle (1978) (Mattel) Armor Blitz is a mobile/iOS role-playing game from Gaudium, Inc.
Astrosmash - Meteor (1981) (Mattel) A clicker game from ClapClap Media.
Astrosmash (1981) (Mattel) Blast a never-ending onslaught of meteors, missiles, and UFOs out of the sky as a laser battery commander.
Atlantis (1981) (Imagic) Marble-popping game.
Auto Racing (1979) (Mattel) Auto Fire is a Tactical RPG that combines classic turn-based car combat with a campaign full of loot, customizable vehicles, outlaw roads, cargo convoys, combat arenas, and the ongoing quest for fame.
B-17 Bomber (1981) (Mattel) B-17 Bomber is a flight sim for the Intellivision, in which the player pilots a B-17 aircraft in bombing runs over continental Europe. It is one of only a few games to require the Intellivoice voice synthesis module.
Baseball (1978) (Mattel)
BeamRider (1983) (Activision) A skill game from Steve Snyder.
Beauty and the Beast (1982) (Imagic) A retro style action game.