Roms For Panasonic 3D0

ROM Name Summary
Horde, The (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)[W.O 58458-19 58428CD]
Icebreaker (1995)(Panasonic)[FZ-SW0001] Icebreaker is about destroying pyramids.
Immercenary (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[CDD6130] A first-person role-playing shooter set in a virtual reality world where it's kill or be killed.
Immercenary (1995)(Electronic Arts)[B749 CC 731407-2 R71] The EDM-infused masocore platformer returns with new levels, new power-ups, and new butts to avenge.
Incredible Machine, The (1994)(Dynamix)[44874-3] The third game in the Incredible Machine series of puzzle games. Has the same levels as The Incredible Machine 2 but with an updated interface.
Iron Angel of The Apocalypse (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[FZ-SE1001] Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: The Return is the sequel to Iron Angel of the Apocalypse and is a "Action Role Playing Movie" combining FMV with regular graphics and effects.
John Madden NFL Football (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[CDD4433] A football game that launched with the Nintendo 3DS, developed by EA Sports' North Carolina studio. It was one of the most poorly-received launch titles for the system.
Jurassic Park Interactive (1994)(Universal)[UISD1001 R1D] Jurassic Park comes to the 3DO as a minigame collection.
Kakinoki Shogi (1994)(ASCII)(Jp)[FZ-SJ0902] Shogi software developed by Yoshikazu Kakinoki that was released on various systems in 1995. Later saw many sequels for mobile devices.
Killing Time (1995)(Studio 3DO)[B1460 CE 01592-2 RE1 R71] Social Media Simulator in Space
Kingdom - The Far Reaches (1994)(Interplay)(Eu)[CDD7954] Kingdom: The Far Reaches is based on the arcade game Thayer's Quest which was originally developed by the makers of Dragon's Lair. The young hero Lathan is tasked with recovering the relics of power in order to kill Drakesblood, and save the princess Grace Delight.
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)[A853 728507-2 R70 ARC] A mystery, hidden-object game in which Holmes and Watson take on 16 new cases.
Mad Dog II - the Lost Gold (1994)(American Laser Games)[A810 CP 00014-2 R71] Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold is the sequel to the light gun shooter Mad Dog McCree. The player must defeat bandits, Indians, and Mad Dog himself to claim the lost gold.
Mahjong Kyou Jidai - AV Gal Seifuku Hen (1994)(Micronet)(Jp)[MC-700-R1M] A first-person adventure game with music and stealth aspects.
Mazer (1995)(American Laser Games)[B1279 CP 000388-2 R70] Starr Mazer combines classic point-and-click adventure with side-scrolling shoot 'em ups.