ROMs for BladeForce (1995)(3DO Company)(Eu)[CDD8715] on Panasonic 3D0


Blade Force was developed in house by The 3DO company as a showcase for 3d engine fidelity and performance in semi open world environments. For the time of its release it truly was a showcase title besting every other modern console game on the market.


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The city of Los Angeles has been destroyed and from its ashes MegaGrid has risen.  Government mandates, laws, taxes and regulations how been abolished and large corporations rule the city.  Crime is always on the rise as criminal organizations fight mega corporations for power and money.  It is your duty to rid the city of crime with the help of the crippled Dr. Grubert.  Equipped with a Helicopter Attack Suit it's time to take back the city by all means.


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The gameplay in Blade Force is fairly straight forward.  You begin the game with a tutorial level where you learn how to fly a newly assembled Helicopter Suit.  You are tasked with destroying criminals with various weapons, fuel and power ups which are found floating throughout the city in boxes.


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Blade Force was undeniably great looking at the time of its release and it had a fast paced fairly solid frame rate.  The issue was many gamers who played it got motion sickness.  This was due to a combination of the rapid movement in all directions and the speed at which the action took place.  Many gamers who started playing the game weren't able to finish it.  The issue could have been alleviated with a frame rate that was higher but due to already maxed out hardware this just wasn't possible on the 3DO console.  Many gamers were hoping for an updated version of the game to be released on the Playstation or Sega Saturn but due to lack of funding it was never completed.

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